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Industrial Solutions USA develops and sells elastomeric coatings & linings that help customers protect their assets from destructive elements in severe service environments – UV, corrosion, chemicals, abrasion and impact. We have worked with every product we sell. We help our customers understand substrate preparation, how the product will process in the application equipment and what application conditions must be present for proper curing of the formulation to result in the best protection barrier for the asset.

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  • UV Resistance

    Crystal clear polyurethane/polyurea hybrid coating loaded with UV absorbers.

    Formulated to work with existing new or highly oxidized paint systems, fortifying those systems and providing 10 years added protection.

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  • Non-skid Surfaces

    Coatings - moderate non-skid surface

    Linings – moderate to very aggressive non-skid surface

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  • Corrosion Protection

    Highly cross-linked monolithic coatings protect valuable above ground storage tanks, pipelines, equipment and facilities from expensive corrosion.

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  • Fire Resistance

    Thick non-halogenated monolithic barrier to fire. Adjust the thickness of the lining to accommodate fire temperature and velocity.  The intumescent char is tenacious and remains flexible.  Tests have proven the char will not ablate under moderate to heavy fire velocities.

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  • Impact/Blast Mitigation

    Mitigate the destructive forces of collisions and explosive blasts. Test reports are available upon request.

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  • Removable Protective Coating

    Elastomeric one component thick coating that seals the substrate surface from water, chemicals, dust and debris providing protection against corrosion, abrasion, UV and impact.

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  • Sound Attenuation /Vibration Isolation

    Reduce the decibel level and dampen the "ring" of facility equipment in the workplace.

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  • Abrasion/Impact Resistance

    Softer durometer thick cast and sprayed on linings protect valuable equipment from the wear and tear of processing materials, material handling and environmental forces.

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Why Industrial Solutions USA?


Products That Perform: We have vetted hundreds of formulations and offer our valued customers only the products that perform as claimed, reliably. Customer Service: recommendation, answers to questions and support throughout the project. We maintain our knowledge through ongoing education, conferences, seminars and field demonstrations/projects.