Why Industrial Solutions USA?

Coating. Protection. Innovation.

Industrial Solutions USA develops and sells elastomeric coatings & linings that help customers protect their assets from destructive elements in severe service environments – UV, corrosion, chemicals, abrasion and impact.

• Polyurethane
• Polyurea
• Polyaspartic
• Epoxy
• Hybrids
• One component and two component

Peel Medium Roller7

Products That Perform

Tough. Engineered. Long Term. Reliable

We have vetted hundreds of formulations and offer our valued customers only the products that perform as claimed, reliably.


End Before and After

One of those product lines is Nano-Clear Industrial coatings.  NCI is a crystal clear aliphatic polyurethane/polyurea hybrid nano cross-linked coating that is formulated to go on top of existing paint systems (newly painted or highly oxidized) – it is not a paint replacement.  This saves our customers significant money in terms of not having to remove paint, prep and re-paint.

Mold Halves Before and Mold Halves Sprayed Uncured
Mold Halves Before and Mold Halves Sprayed Uncured

Another formulation is RPC – Removable Protective Coating, a “tough” elastomeric coating.  Simply brush, roller or spray the product on a cleaned substrate and allow it to fully cure to protect the asset for as long as required.  When the asset needs to be used, inspected or maintained simply peel off the RPC.

Practical Experience:

Extensive Knowledge

We have worked with every product we sell.  We help our customers understand substrate preparation, how the product will process in the application equipment and what application conditions must be present for proper curing of the formulation to result in the best protection barrier for the asset.

Customer Service

We Support Customers Anywhere in the World

Our customers rely on Industrial Solutions USA as their one source for product recommendation, answers to questions and support throughout the project.  We maintain our knowledge through ongoing education, conferences, seminars and field demonstrations/projects.

We use words like “tough”, “engineered” and “long term” because that is exactly the caliber of solution we deliver to our customers.

We can support customers anywhere in the world and welcome you to please contact us at 605-274-9295 or info@industrialsolutionsusa.com for more details.